yr migra blew up Ameríca (from Un/documented, Kentucky)

            for maestro Baraka



0:13the old debajo—

0:20somebody love & of thinking

0:24the hermanita is both domestically & internationally one . . .

0:29used to cover the mierda of her masters—

0:32dole . . . dome . . . dome . . . dome . . . drone da dum. . .

0:36the old somebody a—

0:40they sey—is some . . . terrorist’s liability & retina—

0:44gets a head—it wuz in Maricopa County—claro

0:48yes—uh that checks Latinos—how illegal are you you not me?

0:52partner Sunday—tho it wuzn’t sure a lot of . . .

0:56or—presidente—do w/ virtually any partial

0:59mexicharms—yells did the—

1:02it wuzn’t gonna be in the house to the White Sea diseases—that were—

1:07let people terrorized residents anything—

1:10most humanity as they please for

1:14they sey they sd we want walls we want walls—

1:17who do the same—who is this poll—

1:21who’s telling lies w/ the skies that no borders . . .

1:25thoughts out the world’s who got that plantations—that privatized prison—

1:29incarcecide in Ameríca—sideways levels

1:32who all 28—

1:35who cd show that’s all narco bullet shells—

1:39got this far—got sd this week—that matches & fires—

1:43who kill sey they’ve got it—still little

1:47cd be useful—who wuz the nameless brownface

1:51who Jesús is available—who created every day

1:55partner school grades—sey you only have a good look at it—

2:01who define a lot of fun—science to me—bombs away—the guns

2:05Google slaves—souls who call you—if they miss

2:10who sey they always been seying all—

2:14whose solo tengo—who sold me—

2:17met this hemisphere every days or so we only northward gazed—

2:23who all the buildings got the money—thank you—

2:26money . . . lots . . . you up wallpapers all—

2:29slave ship southward—well known army—little

2:32nameless ones—who is the friend—who rules—

2:37who were all older moms . . . wuz a lot you got me

2:43peace we think—the wall—more walls—

2:46altho no toilets—& we want yr oil—let me do it—

2:53who owns sales—who are on the air—along the walls

2:58or rather the migra brown murderers—late last year—old—

3:02will call you—who live in the biggest howls

3:06who do the biggest line—who go on vacation anytime hun—

3:13don’t kill mostly—it’s who kill all browns look a little—since borders bind

3:17ok—you’re the most far-reaching—cables happen

3:21& los Latinos

3:25who all levels below the borders—

3:28television or radio

3:32 even know me all hola Jose

3:36& behold so they’re also cities make the laws—

3:40all who may wish to visit—who believe the confederate flag . . .

3:44ay baby—borderline concerned abt democracy . . . & even I—no!—in recent

3:51memory sey you decide—didn’t lose it . . .

3:56who did—everybody else got richer while the engine is ideal . . .

4:01previous to this wd change the bottle . . .

4:05wd you like most people—will do most people—who know what abt survival

4:10led the colonies solos to rule the world—

4:14who sey only evil biggest sex education—a whole who all . . .

4:20who all . . . who told you what you think—that you later like that . . .

4:23I’ll bit—late—maybe sales—

4:27okay—CIA who follows—altho

4:30who always learn hot Mexical choices all the—

4:33as a whole—who know—outside Arizona—visibility is low—

4:39does it all . . .

4:41need fossil fuels—something going away—who make tutorials

4:45get the biggest sales—hot weather—

4:48conference against racism—who killed our neighbor—

4:53who kill our neighbor—such a thing—are they going to the elderly

4:57it will be it to make money painting velvet

5:02polls close in Tijuana

5:05al pastor tacos & carnitas of chins—same ones—& kill—

5:08ruled out yeah

5:11let me know—the one that’s always—

5:15laying they shd love Amurka—well that is all—

5:19don’t like Geronimo—

5:23side put me on hold—already natural habitat of a sudden—who kill you—mean I

5:29sd hey my case made . . .

5:32also what theme wuz it once tribalism

5:39press it who put in place . . .

5:42closely it’s a who wuz in Mexico . . . is it will

5:46do it—who sent a letter also gave me a little soft sole

5:51ajua!—wuz a lot simpler—lead metal into the rose is a rose

5:55all the people are nice—torture assassinated managed—

5:59the official abt you really—yeah—

6:02satellite Califas Arizona New Mexico Texas sd

6:07who got the most sensible—when the—

6:10it’s who the jurors in invisible cases—

6:15go to jail if he hears—remain inside immigrant wars— all

6:21who got shd roll back into power—who got but she’s

6:24that payload shithole—

6:29who decided so that’s it goals reconstruction the New Deal

6:34year great societal—

6:37who does our deporter-in-chief with 2,000,000 holes in his legacy—&

6:42well . . .

6:43cool the gusano—who know what got us—deported—

6:48on the lease—the visa card—

6:54calmly new w/ botas picudas

6:58also scenario it polo—

7:02pressure who wuz it wuz it he chatted with the boys in jail—

7:06seying that when that narco met me let me know—when do I start? —it is where all

7:11the hollywood edits—

7:13who sd that much—that all who need to chase it—wuz only a little

7:18whose house is really white—as it went our stay—brown adobe home that day—

7:22why did you all stay away—quotas rule—

7:26explosion allow newspapers sey the devil’s face to the CEO

7:33to make money—whole—the who—might go

7:36for sale who want the world like it’s—

7:40who wants a little like it—

7:43national so hot that

7:47bullets—who’s most powerful—

7:51well you know the seying—that but anybody seen the devil . . .

7:55like analysis . . . believing in yr life

7:58like an owl—tho the devil—altho I love—all day—

8:02like that—all the schooling & fire—

8:05we have questions—we’ll play it like there wuz nothing crazy—

8:10laugh our nalgas off a little while walls that whole us—




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