Fieldnote, 14 August 2013

Filled out paperwork for parents at the library–schooling forms for their children dealing with release forms, responsibilities for parents in assisting their children with homework, dues to pay, and also signing-up for free-or-reduced lunch.

On the reduced lunch form, there was a box for SSN, and next to it another box which read “No SSN”. WIth one of the mothers I helped, this question was not intrusive, and we passed it without issue. For another mother, I could see it caused a sense of momentary judgment, as in, who is this person I am telling this information to. Another reason for me thinking I’ve yet to develop the trust for the community in the manner I had for MANOS. As I see it now, this will require a larger commitment of my time, but also the need for me to make more connections with parents. For it will be with the parents that I must pursue the study, to find more about their perspectives, but also their permission to carry the study further. In this case, then, it seems right for me to volunteer as much as possible for the first few months, getting to know parents, then holding off on the IRB stuff for a bit, that is, getting signatures . . .

WIth one of the mothers I helped, I filled out the paperwork for her two sons attending PLDHS. I didn’t mention my book project with her, but I expect to meet her sons in the future, hopefully through LOL. She has three children, two in high school, and her daughter in middle school. She couldn’t remember the name of her daughter’s middle school. This mother works at Qudoba, and she raises her three children on her own.

With the other mother I helped, we filled out her daughter’s reduced lunch form. This mother did not work, but she lived with her husband and had two children.

There were three other volunteers helping mothers with homework. Of the volunteers helping with homework, I spoke Spanish the least, and I was also the only Latino.