Fieldnote, 2 July 2013

ImageKentuckians advocating for Legalization with Dignity met with Rep. Andy Barr today to discuss immigration reform. We arrived first at Raising Cane’s–a fast food chicken joint–to discuss our plan for approaching the congressman. Our goal was to speak of our experiences, to teach the congressman our side of the issue, and where we stood. Before we arrived, Barr had met with immigration attorneys for a few hours to brush up to speed in terms of what the issue looked like. When we arrived, the whiteboard in the conference room looked like the following:


We had a fruitful discussion, but with the congressman was firm with his stance on increased border security. What struck me was his reading of a proposal which mentioned that the same militarized technology used by the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq would be used on the U.S.-Mexico border (particularly surveillance drones and a “surge” of personnel). 

When I came to my turn, I spoke about my educational trajectory. I also mentioned about the LOL book and how that came to be. I presented Rep. Barr with a copy of the book. He thanked me and said he looked forward to reading it.