Anonymous Poem

 The Stride as we Thrive 

Many were able to rise and many have fallen

The future of the undocumented has not yet been

recorded due to the restrictions of not being pardon.

As undocumented hearts and souls become weary

By this country’s law for being greedy, we still, however,

Stand faithful to this our only known mother country.

We try to show it is not our fault, instead

they seem to nail us the wooden cross. They grew to hate

us but only if they knew. O, never did I mention the positives

we bring this country? Never did I mention that the majority of

our high school’s valedictorians are undocumented? Well, this is

much old news because we have been much more good use.

We don’t dwell on the flaws, we will pick up our paws and never

Cease our walks. Our walks are to be made know that with

Documentation or not, we will forever stride,

Holding up the banner of what seemed to be never.