Legalize With Dignity

Several events been happening over the course of a few weeks. So much community work to do each evening and I’m wondering how I’ll ever be able to finsih my book about MANOS. At the same time, I realize that I’m forming relationships that will help me with the upcoming research.

The book for the high school students appears to be in the final stages. The issue at the moment is determining how I can organize funding for the project to reach the students. I have about two weeks to figure this out.


Media campaign for the immigrant rights walk expected to take place in three days in downtown Lexington.

Media campaign for the immigrant rights walk expected to take place in three days in downtown Lexington.






Yes we can


The organizing unit has delivered a strong campaign in only a few short days. Over 20 businesses serving Latino clientele have committed to remaining closed on that day in a show of solidarity.


The letter I received is as follows:

Thanks to all of you for making it happen; it is happening. It looks that on Wednesday April 10THOUSANDS of immigrants and friends from Kentucky will join the national efforts to get the Congress to, finally, start the formal consideration of an Immigration Reform bill and forLegalization with Dignity.
– Tomorrow Sunday: visits to churches, sales of food at Mary Queen, visit to Latino business (to get them to close their business on the 10th), distribution of signs to individuals and to the business that have decided to close already, and very important: meeting at OISI with immigrants and equine industry immigrant workers, at 5:00 pm.
– Monday: visits and distribution of invitations continue; at 5:00 pm, meeting at the OISI andEnglish press conference at 5:30; please attend and invite other people to go there.
– The “We will be closed for the rally” effort has taken off since Supermercado Aguascalientes II decided that they were going to do that. This morning 3 of the Latino businessmen spent 2 hours at the OISI calling other colleagues and so far we know that more than 20 business that will be closing, and the list keep growing.
– Attached are the rally logos (English and Spanish) that the compañero Enerio created; please start using them to promote the event; we will use it in banners, stickers, and t-shirts that will be available at the event.
– The Internet and social media presence in support of the rally is growing; the compañeros from KDC are helping in this area and outreaching the youth; our partner OFA-KY has sent hundreds of email blast and are registering people online; Steve P started an online petition that we all should sign and promote ( Please visit OISI Facebook page and like us:
– More than 100 compañeros attended the three organizational meetings that we held at the OISI this week; many compañeros attended all the meetings; and many new faces also came.
– Rally radio spots are been heard now at Radio Vida (Thanks to Donald for the collaboration, including writing and recording the spots) and to Tino and Gabriel who made it possible in Louisville at La Poderosa. These promotions are contribution from this radio stations.
– The compañeros in Louisville got the support to the rally rolling including efforts in Shelbyville and with the radio stations there.
– Hundreds of American flags will be displayed during the rally as well of the singing of the Stars Spangled Banner, American the Beautiful, and We Shall Overcome songs will be sang at it. The theme of the event is “This is Our Country” and we want our right place on it. The rally will also have live singers performing songs in Spanish with messages about immigrants, immigration, and positive messages of fighting, united, for our rights.
¡Si Se Puede!   Yes We Can!

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