Fieldnote 26 March 2013

Returned to a slow night at the library, which may have been in part to the snow that fell. End of March, beginning of spring, and Kentucky snow.

“It’s the weather,” said Betty.

“I think so,” I said.

I ended up helping only two children. Both had math homework. One of th two children had additional spelling homework. She was a first grader. I quized her with her words as she wrote them three times. She did well with the “game” of this kind of tutoring method. I allowed her to write the first word, then I would check it to see if she spelled it correctly, noting any sounds/letters that may have confused her before she wrote the word two more times. She had difficulty with the words quiet and quickly because of the “ui” sound with “w.”

By the end of the quiz, I asked her to practice the words “quiet,” “quickly,” as well as another word not on the list, but with similar structure: “question.” She didn’t have difficulty with the first two, but the word not on the list for the week for her she spelled “quieten” I could see how difficult phonics could be for young learners trusting on the sounds to write language.

I’ll have to think about different methods for simply telling this student, ” you have to memorize how to write this.” There must be a better way.

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