Fieldnote, 18 March 2013

Drove with Gabi, ally of the DREAMers to just outside of Cincy, south of the river, last stop in Kentucky for a meeting with Erin and folks from the narrative project with the high students for the summer program. It sounds as if this program is a way to gain some media for the project’s advertising campaign while also giving students an opportunity to work on digital projects. I realize that I could teach this class, that I should probably lead some more in this front, but this non-profit that the rep worked from already has a history as an organization that empowers youth to make documentaries about themselves, or how to use media to make creative projects.

Most of my questions were directed to the high school student who attended. He admitted that he enjoyed making video projects, and that he learned some experiences. I agreed to work on reserving a Mac lab for the students. It sounds like all the equipment is already reserved. I’m reminded of the various youth programs at MSU, and I wonder how I can help to get something like that with a partnership and the UK for the local youth.

On another note: the book for the Dunbar students is almost done. Over 90 pages. now.

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