Dancing, Dancing, Dancing: Fieldnote, 26 Feb. 2013

What the high school students do in their club. They used a “Harlem Shake” application to record this. The first version was initially recorded in the library, but this version was filmed when the club hours finished, in the front hall of the high school.


I made it to the high school this afternoon and collected the last pieces of writing from students for the book. We’re close to 100 pages now. I have one piece of writing I’m waiting to get from the club sponsor, and potentially a few more pieces of artwork on the way, but overall the submission period is over. At this point, I think the book will happen and there will be pieces of artwork from every student.

Next year, I plan on putting together an event that will feature the students reading, in addition I will be inviting a famous Chicano poet I know to read with them. I also plan on reading a few poems of my own. I suspect it will be the first public reading for all these students, and I’m glad that this work will have an audience. Today I spoke with each student, encouraged each to send more work by this weekend. Within the next two weeks I will be putting the manuscript together. I think I may have enough to break the book into chapters of themes.

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