Fieldnote, 11 Feb. 2013

Went to the library, three students today. I had one student R, sixth grader, I had never worked with him before. I we did math equations, fractions, and also converting percents to decimals and fractions. When we finished, I gave him his chips. When he was walking away, I saw the college month forms.

I called him back.

“Have you done this yet? It’s for college.”

“No,” he said.

We sat down, and I showed him the “roadmap.” Here, we began with his year in school, sixth, and I wrote 2013 on top of that. For the space about seventh grade, I wrote 2014 on top of that. We proceeded until we got to twelfth grade, 2018.

“What do you want to do when you graduate? You have some options.”

He nodded.

“What do you want to be?”

He thought hard about this for a minute. “Maybe a doctor for animals.”

“What’s that called?”

“A veterenarian.”

“That means college.”

I showed him where he ended after two years, 2020. But I showed him he had to go further for his career. 2022.

“There’s still some more?”

“O is there!” I laughed. I showed him 2024, his master’s if he wanted to go that far. And then there was the end of the road. The map ambiguously leaves four to six spaces in this spot. I told him it would probably be another four more since he’s a smart guy, he could be a doctor.

“That’s what I am.” I had to be proud saying that.

“You went all the way here?” He pointed at the end of the map.

“Yeah, well, you can too. I had a lot of help, so I want to show you how to do it.”

“That’s cool,” he said.

I hoped so. We shook hands, and he took his map with him. He filled out his card for 2022.

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