Fieldnote, 31 Jan. 2013

I began with morning with the K’LEA Core Team member meeting. I met the team that hopes to increase retention and graduation for Latino students going to college. I’m happy to be a member, and to meet the coalition of folks from different educational institutions and organizations around the state fighting this struggle. I was impressed to run into a colleague from the UK also taking part on this team, from Hispanic Studies. Our college has a presence, and I hope we maintain this into the future.

I agreed to help on the communications front, to help begin a website for the program, something sorely missing.

After the meeting, I headed back to the library. I worked with Yvette again, and we finished off her homework packet. It was fun working with her, and these two-days-in-a-row sessions certainly helped me to get to know her, and her me. More and more of the children and their families recognize me, and I hope this will help me in my future research and to get this ethnographic project about Mexington on its feet. Next step IRB.

I finished the evening working with Fatima, one of my favorite students, and without doubt, one of the students who I see as very much like my MANOS friends. I’m already thinking I need to do a comparative article focusing on her and one of the female students from the Bronx. We worked on a powerpoint about George Washington. She was very adept with powerpoint, and I was impressed with her computer skills.

One thing I’m considering is the access to technology the MANOS students had compared to the access here at the library. There are distinctions, and I’m sure if I write about them, I’ll find something significant.

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