8 Jan 2013

Library, returning after break, some of the children happy to see us.

I helped two students, but it seemed that being away from homework had me a little rusty. Coming from my extensive experience with Spanish for the last few weeks had me thinking between languages, but I had to focus more on my English. Also thinking about my writing, how to make it better, and how to continue with this study. Where should I look for information? Do I want to compare it to MANOS directly, or how can I account for differences. First, I will have to finish my IRB work, and move from there. Working on that will help me to narrow my project scope.

This day in the library, very few children. I helped each child for close to forty minutes, between sessions I had down time. I wandered out into the sitting area and watched children work on puzzles, play jenga, and use computers. I noticed students watching YouTube, playing games, and conducting research for homework.

It was a slow night, but Miss E said this was because school had just started.

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