Fieldnote, 5 Dec. 2012

Sitting with students at the high school and reviewing the project one more time. Try something different: arrange ourselves in circle with these tables. We can see one another, build discussion, last classroom style. Students freer to speak with one another. I gave out the last of the Latino Literature books I had.

I wanted to speak about the book project, which I did shortly. I asked the students to make lists of subjects they could write about, and hoping that this would give them some inspiration to write over winter break. Two weeks isn’t a long time, but I still want to carry over the energy of building this project with them, hoping the energy will not dissipate.

It was a short talk, we went over how the book would work, what kinds of things students could submit. One student asked if he could give rap lyrics. I told him of course.

There were about 15 students in the group, and several new faces. This has happened before with this program, and I’m still trying to figure out not only how to become a part of the group, but also how to keep track of names and faces.

I left the meeting, and I headed back home. I had the hopes the students would continue with the project, as time would quickly dwindle once we returned from winter break.

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