Fieldnote, 3 Dec. 2012

Monday at the library

I arrived solo for this first Monday of December. I was tired, very tired, from a long day of teaching, but when I arrived at the library, I realized I had more energy than I thought. I can partly credit this to the sort of burst of spirits I have when I work with young folks with homework, and partially because going to the library, and doing my volunteer work, has helped me to get out of my home, out of my office, away from the college, and into the community–as I promised the folks at UK I would do before I took this position.

I helped sixth-grader A with her homework. I had helped her before, and we had no problems. She’s White, from around the corner, and she knows a bit of Spanish, which she picked up from among the Mexican friends she has who live near her. We worked on her math, and really I could see she had no issues with that. I also noticed when helping her with her writing that she didn’t have the same difficulties that many of the Latino youth faced when composing sentences or longer pieces of writing.

We finished with some reading, and she did well with this too, though she didn’t initially want to do this. After trading off reading pages, we finished a chapter in a book she was reading for class.

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