Fieldnote, 11 Dec. 2012

We got to the Library early to set up for the music class. That didn’t end up happening. We had a few students we sat with and played games, putting together puzzles. That proved pretty fun for some of the youth.

There were not a lot of people at the library at this time, and this maybe led us to wonder if the class would continue after the winter session. Even if it doesn’t, at least we built some rapport with students by having it, by conducting it, and also a small body of research and fieldnotes to work with. Sara will turn this into a great project, and I have faith that she will continue to make strides in this kind of research, that is, if this type of research will interest her in the future as she pursues her Ph.D.

There wasn’t a big crowd of students, so both she and I ended up playing with students more than helping with homework. There was a surplus of tutors at this time. Sara and I sat down with students in the reception area and performed a puzzle with them. The puzzle was a geography of the United States, and it was fun watching the students name the states, and also where they fell in the map. Several parents observed how we interacted with the students, and they seemed interested in how Sara spoke Spanish to them, and I in English, but with interaction in Spanish as well. I noticed a few mothers smiling as we spoke to the children, though none came to participate with us.

I wonder how this type of play could become part of the library program, and also how it might help to incorporate parents, children, and tutors. I could see a project about play and service learning emerging in the future, assuming I could get students out the library.

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