Fieldnote, 30 Nov. 2012

At the K’LEA event, though I attended late, walked in after the lunch session, and during a multicultural dean from a Southern school’s speech. Some of the HS students were there. They had already done their speeches, which I heard brought tears to the audience. I knew they would rock. A few waved at me as I sat down, but then they had to leave. After they walked out I said hello. The folks at the event noticed this, and this drew some attention to me. A few people I networked with after asked how the students knew me. I told them I was helping them to write a book.

Well during the event I spoke to a few folks, met a board member to another organization I just joined, and learned about how different universities and colleges in the area are reaching out to Latino and immigrant students. I gave my card to a few folks.

Everyone was impressed with the HS students and their speeches. I’m glad they did so well. I had fears about the project moving forward, but now I have no doubt that it will since it has new steam, and a taste for audience. Stories matter, but I think we’ll still have to cover some craft issues. The project continues . . . I think this next week I’m to stop by, and I think we may move meeting rooms to the library. This would be great. We might be able to recruit other students to help out as well. And potentially families.

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