Fieldnote, 20 Nov. 2012

S and I went to the library today for the music class. There was no tutoring because the students didn’t have school the next day, Wednesday, in honor of Thanksgiving The break for Thanksgiving extends a day here in Kentucky I guess. I don’t remember having Wednesday off too.

We were sent an email by the Mexington Library manager reminding us that we wouldn’t be tutoring today. S received an additional email notifying her that she could still conduct her music class if she wished, and that there would be no issue with that. She thought it a good idea, and I agreed.

When we arrived, we both noticed the library was not as lively as it usually is for a Tuesday at 5PM. But there were some folks waiting for us, including a few parents with small children, pre-preK level.

As the class began, I distributed some nametags and also a list of students. There weren’t as many students as we had the previous week, but some of the students we knew before showed up. This time one of the girls brought her sister.

Sara proceeded to teach the class and again used the same songs, and the students seemed to like them. Once again the vowel song where students slap hands seemed to be the biggest hit. Later she also used a game practicing rhythm and sequence motor skills with a wand. Students tapped the ground as she repeated a rhyme and passed the wand around the circle. I noticed some of the smaller children, the pre-preK students enjoyed this. Sara conversed with the parents of these two children and invited them to the class for the next week. One father was involved for the entire class, and he and his son both seemed to have a good time. His wife thanked us after the class.

Even with the tutoring program closed for the day, eight students participated. With the next week, I plan on filming Sara’s class in order for her to use the material as data to compose an essay for her graduate course. Perhaps someday she and I can co-author a text that focuses on the class and how it affects some of the younger folks.

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