Fieldnote, 24 Sep. 2012

Back to the Mexington Library, and I helped three children this evening. I’m noticing more of the children know my name and greet me. The same goes with the staff. I think some of them are learning that I teach at the University, so this is helping me to gain some credibility.

All the children I helped had homework in English only. I used very little Spanish for the evening. I did speak to one mother, or tried to, in Spanish, outside the tutoring space. I walked back her so to explain to her where she needed to sign for the book that he read. I told her it best to practice with him at home before he came to the center and then he can practice again. I’ve noticed doing reading with students doesn’t seem like to be a major issue for the tutoring. I’ve seen a few tutors read to students, but I hardly ever see students reading on their own outside the tutoring room.

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