Fieldnote 16 Sep. 2012

Sones de Mexico, a band out of Chicago, performing at Willie’s and sponsored by Andres and La Voz de Kentucky. They brought back memories of many of the bands I had heard for the last few years in Elmhurst, Queens at La Terraza 7 Train Cafe. Here I was introduced to the variety of virtuoso Latin@ musicians from all over the world. Sones de Mexico, I learned, have a few Grammy’s to their name. They performed a variety of tunes from the different regions of Mexico, as well as a couple Latino-inflected varieties, translations and transformations of Woodie Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land to Esta Tierra es Tuya, and a Buck Owens tune turned cumbia. I was impressed needless to say.

Not many Latinos in the crowd. There were a few Mexicanos sitting in the back and a few toward the front of the stage, but most of the folks were white. Again, we saw Andres, quickly said hello, but didn’t stay around to chat after the show. Networking fail no doubt. Either way, I remember, I have no business cards, so I wasn’t going to get very far. I’m thinking about how to book this band back to UK for the upcoming Year of Mexico.

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