Fieldnote 15 Sep. 2012

Latino Festival part 2: this day there were more Latinos out, as well as a few more vendors, but certainly many more people from the surrounding communities coming out to represent Latino diversity in the “upper-South” or “lower-Midwest” geographical space of Lexington. We saw dancers from Colombia, Panama, and Mexico. There was banda on another stage. The big name, Diana Reyes would take the stage later in the evening to cap the events.

S and I walked around, noted that the space was much more crowded. I took photos of the different performances. We each had tortas, and found a way toward the rear of the main stage so we could watch the musical performances from a closer vantage. There were probably close to 5,000 people in the park celebrating. This was interesting to me because there was also a football game, which drew a different crowd. I noted to S that less white folks would probably be at the Latino festival today than yesterday because of the game. There were less white folks, this is true, but there were many more people than from the previous day, especially Latinos. I understood that folks drove in from Louisville, Cincinnati, and other parts of Kentucky.

When Diana Reyes performed, the crowd pushed toward the stage. It was standing room only. She performed one song be Selena, and I noted how the crowd knew all the words. Families stayed well after 11 PM. A woman next to me had a small infant in her arms. There were children running across my feet. As I looked around, I felt like I was in Puebla again, and also a bit of 116th in NYC.

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