Narrowing Community

My research will focus on the local Mexican community in Lexington. I’m beginning with a group I studied in another context–NYC. Extended to that, it’s a group I claim membership to, despite from a different region than the southeast U.S., the Arizona borderlands.

In order to become an insider into this community, I will have to build rapport, or what I term confianza. I described this in my larger study, and I picked this idea up from Robert Smith’s Mexican New York. Smith earned rapport with his participants by establishing trust, or confianza, a general pathos or emotional connection with his transnational group of study. He did this by volunteering and learning with families within communities.

I’ll start making connections once I begin tutoring at the local literacy programs I’m volunteering at this term. I’ll be volunteering weekly for six to eight hours a week. I’m looking forward to my field research. By December I’ll have close to 100 hours of fieldwork in this project.

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