Communities I belong to

1. Chicano; Mexican American, ethnic identity. Sometimes speak Spanish, but mostly speak English. Live in western USA, but also in other parts. Identify more with USA than Mexico. Stereotype that we identify more with Mexico than the US, and that we are undocumented. There have ben a few “breaks” into the US mainstream through the media, but also through Chicano cuisine, or “Tex Mex.” Here are some stereotypes of Chicanos in the media.

2. Arizonan: southwest, conservative state, desert. Border state. Cowboys. Rural west. Frontier, ghosts towns. Grand Canyon. Hot summers. Not considered one of the “educated” states, for various reasons. People from Arizona, ergo, are assumed, generally speaking, to be uneducated, or “rednecks.”  

3 Professor: different ranks based on publications. different departments and disciplines. Some young, some old. Most are doctors, highly educated–maybe overeducated. Focus on research, sometimes arcane for the general public. Some are good teachers, some not. Here are some of the “great” professors at UK. 

4 UK: new to Kentucky, Lexington; big campus, sports, basketball.

5 NYC: five boroughs; Queens, Harlem. Big city, studied there. Diverse population, lots of language spoken. Stereotype they are all rude.

6 First-generation college grad: shy, not confident compared to students whose parents went to college; had to learn without parents’ guidance; seek out mentors for guidance about college process. Difficult because not having my parents as mentor, or people I could look up to and think about college, I had to admit that they didn’t have the “proper” educations to do so. This also meant I would become #3 above, with further distance from my parents in terms of social class and arcane knowledge. When I saw the video below, I found further confirmation of the existence of this community:

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